Health of your baby

Establishing a teeth cleaning routine in infants can be one of the most challenging and time consuming tasks a parent undertakes each day, and although this may not be apparent immediately, the consequences of tooth decay in milk teeth can have a huge impact on your child’s health and wellbeing.

Tooth decay in milk teeth:

  • Affects the ability of your child to eat and form words properly
  • Affects the placement of their permanent teeth
  • Causes pain and infection
  • Leads to missed days at nursery or school for treatment of decayed teeth
  • Affects overall health and development of your child

Safe baby, stress free parent

You may be surprised to read that standard shaped toothbrushes are only intended for parents to use, not your child. They actually pose both a choking hazard and palette injury risk; but every parent at some point will have given their child a toothbrush to play with. This is because quite rightly, you want your baby to get used to the feeling of toothbrush bristles in their mouth.

BugBrush is actually the only product in the world that enables your child to become accustomed to the feeling of bristles in a safe way, enabling teeth cleaning routines to be established. The bristles are just 5mm high, the exact height of a milk tooth, and are distributed in a way that cleans teeth when moved back and forth in the mouth, as opposed to the traditional up and down direction, meaning that chewing and biting down on BugBrush will remove plaque.

Toothbrush evolution, at last.



Instructions: Allow your child to use BugBrush under adult supervision after meals or snacks, or even in the bath! BugBrush can be
used with or without toothpaste, but please do not exceed the recommended daily intake of fluoride for your child’s age. This product
is not a replacement for parental brushing twice daily.

To Clean: Rinse with water and hook over the edge of a cup to dry. BugBrush is steriliser safe.

Safety: Inspect product carefully before use. Replace at the first sign of damage or wear.  THIS IS NOT A TOY