About Me

About me

BugBrush Ltd was founded by me, Rowena Johnson, the inventor of BugBrush, and also mother to a little girl named Saskia who refused to have her teeth cleaned. Like many parents, I struggled to clean my child’s teeth. The sight of her toothbrush was enough to evoke a clenched jaw, red face, and high pitched screams – which many parents will agree, is all you need to start or finish the day with! I followed all the advice given to me, allowed her to use the brush herself (ineffectively I may add), which resulted in her carefully chewing the rubber handle off and nearly gagging on it!


I spent hours trawling the internet and round shops trying to find a product that my daughter could use to clean her teeth herself, safely and effectively. I found nothing. I was quite astonished that despite my problem being a very common one, there didn’t seem to be anything on the market that could solve it. So I set about designing one myself. 7 years of blood, sweat and tears (not to mention patent bills), it’s finally here.

Baby toothbrush evolution, at last.

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